(Session 1)

(2 Corinthians 2:11)

Scheme: a planned program of action - an underhanded plot
  • Paul elevates the importance of forgiveness relative to the demonic 
  • Staying aware of Satan’s schemes involves a pure heart   
(1John 5:19-20)
The Whole World is under his control – The Kingdoms are under his control
  • Key Statement – He has given us understanding – to know him who is true 
    Ex :( Luke 4) - Earthly Kingdoms are still under Satan’s authority
    Entertainment - Politics – Law etc.
William Gurnall: Book - “The Christian in complete armor”
“Where God is on one side you are sure to find the Devil on the other”

The Book Screw Tape Letters:
C.S. Lewis makes a point of 2 extreme views about the Devil
  • Deny his existence - the intellectuals of our day whose education could never allow the acceptance of other realms especially those with such a sinister inhabitant.
  • The belief is that we have evolved too far –too developed to believe something so mystical (Modernism)
  • An obsessive/unhealthy interest in all things wicked and evil – we find them in everything
What are some extreme views we have of the devil?
To think Satan is not involved in the affairs of men can lead to a lifetime of hardship

Paul’s Use of the extended metaphor: (Ephesians 6:10-18)
  • Armor: signifies the importance he placed on this activity 
  • He spent time in Ephesus: the people were deeply involved in the occult
  • A well - known city: bustling with all kinds of activity (about 250k citizens)
  • Those being saved needed to know how to respond to gods and goddesses they formerly worshipped
  • Paul is helping them to develop a Christian Worldview  
  • He paints the picture of the Christian Life as warfare
The 3 Key Realms:
  1. World
  2. Flesh 
  3. Satan
For Paul there was no Nominal Christianity you either resist the influence of the evil one who works through the Flesh and the World or you give up  to the control to the powers of darkness

When you look at these realms – what are the differences between them?

(Matthew 12:22-29)
Satan has a Kingdom – it is organized
  • Satan has a systematic approach toward destruction
  • The power of his Kingdom is in 3 factors
    1.  Its Invisible
    2.  Its organized
    3.  Because of those 2 it’s effective
(2 Corinthians 11:14-15) 
Satan transforms in order to deceive 
  • Satan never comes as himself
  • Key word - servants – people who have his spirit 
Pattern of Satan:
The World says “commit sexual sin” - your Flesh says “that sounds good to me” – Satan says “if I can get a Pastor to commit to it or endorse it I could really get traction”
Ex: Tony and Peggy Campolo 
“Take your stand and be bold for Christ and say this, that whether we agree or do not agree on this issue, we will not allow discrimination and hatred and meanness to be directed at people who did not choose their identity, number one, and cannot choose to get out of an orientation as simply as those evangelists who preach so blithely suggest.”   Peggy Campolo

What is wrong with this statement by the Campolos?

There are 2 Basic sides to the Demonic:
  1. Ordinary - Common
  2. Extra – Ordinary – Un-Common
    Most of what we experience is of the ordinary or common
In your opinion what would be considered ordinary and extra-ordinary?