Unpacking the Man and Woman of God

Male - irresponsible with their life and the lives of others (male by birth)
  • He makes children but doesn’t father them 
  • He makes promises but never keeps them
  • He makes rules but doesn’t follow them 
Man - responsible with his life and the lives of others - but not necessarily committed to God (man by choice) 
  • He will care for his children - his responsibilities 
  • He will provide for a family -  he will even go to church 
1 Timothy 3:15-17
Paul uses the phrase Man of God 
This is the God intention of all men – here a dual reference can be used 
One he speaks of Ministers - those called of God to be dedicated to ministry - then there’s the character of the minister which is applicable to all  
Verse 16 – The first thing we must notice, Man of God is being breathed upon by God through the word
  • What created man – sustains man (Adam) 
  • God created man by breathing into his nostrils the breath of God - this breath became his nature – his nature was secured by God
When God breathed into Man (Adama) what do you believe he deposited of his own nature?

Note the Verse - Teach – Reprove – Correct – Train
  • The Training is not in how to win women – how to be successful – but how to be righteous 
  • Why Righteousness? -  God is building the man to look like himself and govern His property (Earth)
  • Just because Adam failed in the keeping of the Dominion Mandate (Gen 1:28) does not mean God dis-carded it 
  • Man communicates God in the earth by virtue of being made in his image  
  • Righteousness - is about fairness – impartiality – graciousness – integrity – piety (reverence)
Verse 17 – Complete – (adequate) – faithful – doesn’t stumble – without guile (cunning/sly) - Equipped for every good task (fully prepared)

Women are found in these verses in relatively the same way:
  • She is trained in righteousness 
  • She too needs to have the breath of God breathed into her to live out God's word in any situation (single/married)
1 Peter 3:1-6
Picture of a Woman of God
The pattern we see developing from these verses speak directly to a woman submitted to God
  • The emphasis must be submission to God because of what she is being asked to do
  • Verse 1 – A Man un-submitted to the word – still deserves a wife who is
  • The word “Won” is important here – means to profit – used here as well (1 Corinthians 9:19) – used of salvation - the idea being a believing wife is the key to her family’s salvation
Verse 2-4 – This is where the character of God is important – her focus must not be external only
  • Her lifestyle speaks louder than her words - “cultural adornment” can be prideful and God hates pride (Isaiah 3:18-24…note Verse 24)
The emphasis for many women is external  
Verse 5-6 – Sarah is the model

What picture comes to your mind with the phrase “Sarah obeyed him calling him Lord”?

What do you think the term actually means and what is Peter trying to get across?

Philippians 2:3
Building a Man and Woman of God
Begins with the foundation – note the verse - their Ambitions like Christ's are grounded in a mind-set
  • Ambition – is a strong desire to achieve something 
  • He becomes difficult to be tempted -  because his desires are under management (powerful)
  • ”God cannot be tempted”  
Why can’t God be tempted?

God gives His limits on indulgence 
  • The Man of God understands this well (John 15:7) - what he wants for himself is what God desires for him anyway 
  • All this is grounded in humility 
Jesus demonstrated the deepest sense of humility to God -  and so does the Man of God.
All the graces, virtues and attributes of God are rooted in the soil of humility
  • Humility is a decision rooted in an attitude – (Philippians 2:6-8)
What does humility look like to you?
What is false humility?

  • Pride – has a Satanic origin – it’s a strong spiritual power that is used to deflate a life once embraced
The lack of Humility is the sufficient explanation of every defect and failure…Andrew Murray

1 Timothy 6: 9-11
Man of God and Resources
Note Verse 11 – Paul is speaking to the Man of God – you don’t make wealth a pursuit
  • The moment it becomes a pursuit you steer yourself away from the graces of righteousness – godliness – faith –love…these are Graces (this is the answer to wealth pursuit)
  • Paul said - Grace and Peace be multiplied to you – he understood the need for us to live in this Grace Awareness  
Grace defines your well - being not the accumulation of things in the earth 
Jesus became poor – that we might be made rich – rich in what – Grace
Connecting to the grace of God determines wealth 

1 Chronicles 29:16 – All Abundance belongs to God and Comes From God
David has the perspective of a Man of God - he understood he owned nothing
The real question is this - how much of God's wealth do we keep?

What exactly do we learn from David’s perspective of money?