Demons, the Demonic and Levels of Authority

The video features Adam Bali a practitioner of exorcisms, there is some very helpful information, however, there are times where the theology gets cloudy and the questions below reflect that. Our intent is to inform you while going to the scriptures for accuracy.

The devil is active in our lives daily so most of what we see in activity is the mundane or basic temptations that we all deal. The extraordinary is not the norm, however, Satan’s attacks are targeted, deadly, strategic and daily.

We are told in the scriptures every day has sufficient evil but we are also told to arm ourselves with the word of God knowing our weapons are mighty through God.

Questions from the Video 
Is temptation the normal activity?
What was meant by the statement Demons are legalistic and are they bound by the rules of God?
Demons cannot go beyond temptation unless they are invited by someone who has authority (parent etc.)

Quote - “Someone with valid authority must tell the demon I invite you into my life in this extraordinary way” Adam Blai
Quote - “To break the rights of a demon over a life the one who gave him the authority to enter must renounce the invitation then push him out” Adam Blai

4. Do demons recognized levels of authority – Blai states not everyone has this authority? 

  • Blai believes there are people with greater authority therefore demons recognize this and obey
  • Catholicism teaches apostolic authority – a theology regarding baptism into the head of Christ - not all are baptized into the same level of authority Jesus gave the disciples. 

5. Blai states demons only care about what God says because God has the rules they operate under?
6. Should we only ask Jesus to free a person?
7. Are there different ranks of demons?
8. Is touch a big deal in demonic warfare?
9. If we say “In the Name of Jesus” are we consenting to a personal struggle between us and the demon as Bali states or should we say “Oh God please help...."Keeping us out of it directly?