Faith Forward II

In October 2014, Truth Center closed on a property on Long Island's North Shore.  This property allows for the expansion of our vision of "Building people who change the world's image of God by maintaining that image in the world."                                                                                                                               

We now expand into greater discipleship and outreach both here and abroad, impacting the next generation. We are a community of faith on mission with God; this facility helps to fulfill that mission.

While we have purchased this wonderful property there is still work to be completed. Would you prayerfully consider coming alongside us as we rework this space to meet our needs. Every contribution helps, our goal is 300 thousand dollars for this first phase.

We are grateful for every commitment made that will make this:

“A place where vision and destiny changes lives of future generations”

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All funds contributed will be designated for the Faith Forward campaign exclusively.

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