Truth Center makes every attempt to subscribe to a high standard of integrity. The desire is to provide balanced and prudent leadership. Each level of leadership provides a diversity of experience, wisdom and ministerial longevity. The intent is to protect the organizations vision, mission and long term goals. This is attained by the ongoing review of strategy, ensuring congruence with long term goals and the monetary decisions to meet them. Governance provides a system of checks and balances maintaining alignment with the word of God and His objectives for this ministry.

Board of Elders (Directors)

Our board is a group of proven visionary leaders who between them provide the ministry with many years of experience in church building, planting and ministerial oversight.  They are proven Global Leaders both in ministry and business and oversee the diverse activities of Truth Center. They provide direction over yearly budgets, long term ministry activities and decisions regarding general operations. They also provide covering for the Senior Pastor and along with him set policy for executive leadership levels. Click here to view our Board of Elders.

Spiritual Leadership Team (Elders council)

Supporting the Senior Pastor is the spiritual leadership team. This team consists of Elders who provide oversight and maintain the plurality of leadership needed to keep the ministry balanced. If we observe the biblical pattern for leadership when it is shared this becomes the best protective measure against leadership corruption. This team provides council to the membership, creating policy in terms of beliefs and biblical interpretation, reviewing plans passed on by the strategic leadership team and providing their input to the Board of Elders. These are tested individuals who have proven to have the qualities listed in 1Timothy 3, they provide both direct and organizational leadership. The Elders lead a disciplined life in order to lead the people God has called to this ministry.

Strategic Leadership Team (Advisory council)

The bible states we are a Kingdom of Priests and Kings who God has called. The responsibility of Priests has always been vision,  however the responsibility of the Kings has been provision. More often than not Kings in ministry have been relegated to the deaconry. These are people with marketplace wisdom who know how to discern the times for the advantage of the Kingdom of God. We have chosen to recognize this as a strategic area of ministry and benefit from those gifted with this insight. This team provides an advantage when in giving current information needed to make the decisions affecting the bottom line of the ministry. Every team member has come under spiritual scrutiny to make sure they comply with the expected accountability listed in 1Timothy 3. The 6 basic qualifications of leadership, reputation, ethics, morality, temperament, habits and maturity.