About Us

The journey of Truth Center began in June 25, 2003 with a group of 6 who met weekly for bible study.  This group quickly began to increase and on September 7 of the same year a special service was held to launch this new ministry into its calling. Most of those who gathered were friends who came to both support and celebrate with them, from that point the true membership began to form.

They were faithful to what God called them to do which is build a people who both loved their God, would commit to Him, and walk true to His values, message and standards as outlined in His word. This became their vision and over the next several years the ministry would grow into the vision along with its calling.

Today the ministry of Truth Center impacts several countries with expansion plans for more. Their interest is building the Body of Christ and not just another church. As they continue to build a community of believers, beginning with the fellowship located in Roslyn Long Island, their outreach has impacted several countries abroad such as Bogota, Columbia, Trinidad, and Guyana.

While the ministry's mission of “Building people who change the world's image of God by maintaining God's image in the world” has not been an easy road it has been a road filled with the growth, development and the kind of excitement any journey with God will bring.